Basic Tips How to Furnishing your First Home

If you’ve committed to becoming a first time homeowner chances are your budget for furnishing your home isn’t huge. This doesn’t have to be a problem however as there are plenty of things you can do to make it feel homely without breaking the bank. Below are our top tips for furnishing your first home.

Clean Mind

This process begins before you even leave your old property. If you get your old home in order and packed in a sensible and orderly way it will make the move a lot less stressful and the unpacking at the other end a lot more manageable. Chances are you can get rid of a huge proportion of the stuff in your old home and start anew when you move on.

Bedroom Basics

We recommend you start with the bedroom as over 30% of your time will be spent in there. If you’ve got a tight budget then you can stick to the soft furnishings. Treat yourself to some new bedding and other soft furnishings. If you blow your budget in this area then that’s fine – it can really make a huge difference to a room. If you want to do something a little more extravagant then consider painting the walls. If you’re an early riser we recommend lighter, pastel tones whilst late night lovers will probably appreciate darker hues.

Pace Yourself

There is the urge to go out and buy a whole house worth’s of furniture and furnishings in one go but step back and pace yourself. Give yourself time to get to know your new home and then work room by room. If you see the odd trinket that you want for the room you’re not working for that’s fine but you should take your time to learn what works best in your new space.

Matching Mayhem

Choosing to match everything may seem like a sensible idea in the first instance but it’s not. Filling your home with the same colours or a generic theme will mean it looks tired more quickly. A few key pieces is fine but if you match up the furniture and furnishings across your whole home you’ll soon be bored and want change – expensive change.

Blend Colours

Whilst we don’t recommend you match up furniture or furnishings the same can’t be said for colour. Create a unified homely feel through colour. Pick a palette and stick with it. If you have a brightly coloured sofa that doesn’t seem to fit in with a room, paint one of the walls a similar shade – it’ll soon feel more coordinated.

Take the Inexpensive Route

It may be nice to think of buying a brand new thing for every room but it may not be necessary. If your kitchen cupboards are a little dated but otherwise in good nick do them up with some paint or vinyl coverings. Simple things like changing the lampshade or light fitting in a room can make all the difference and don’t forget how much of a difference the little touches can make. Accessories can make your house a home.

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