How To Turn An Average bathroom Into A Luxury Bathroom

 There was a time not overly long ago when domestic UK bathrooms were seen as being nothing more than utilitarian spaces. Indeed, the role of the bathroom in the not too distant past was very simple – to provide residents with a place to take care of their personal hygiene.

 Whilst this all-important function is still of course very much required, today’s modern bathroom is regarded as being far more than just a utilitarian space. To be sure, most residents these days now see the bathroom as being a place of relaxation where they can retreat from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and revel in a bit of good old fashioned self-indulgence.

 Fortunately, many more residents can enjoy this prospect as creating a luxury bathroom is relatively easy to do these days. This is because advancements in modern bathroom installations and consistent affordability now make it possible for residents of all means to create a luxurious atmosphere in their bathroom.

 Indeed, addressing even just a few aspects can be enough to turn an average bathroom into a luxury bathroom

 The Bathroom Shower

Most luxury bathrooms these days have high-tech showers in them i.e. showers with mounted body sprays on both the walls and ceiling, as well as a range of different shower heads. Some luxury showers at the higher end of ‘high-tech’ spectrum are even able to treat users to music through speakers embedded in the walls, whilst other decadent options are capable of piping-in scents and fragrances! While these decadent options may only appeal to a relatively small percentage of the population, most residents can still create a luxury experience in their shower by more modest means. For example, installing a shower head that uses different water flow pressures to work on bathers’ soft tissues is a great option as it can make any dip in the shower feel like a truly decadent treat!

 The Bath

Of course, there are plenty of people who prefer lying in the bath to taking a shower. Residents who would class themselves as ‘bathers’ rather than ‘shower-heads’ need to make sure that the tub in their bathroom is big enough to stretch out in yet small enough to support the neck, as this will ensure they get to enjoy a genuinely relaxing experience. Without doubt, there are few things as satisfyingly as taking the time to indulge in a gloriously luxurious long, hot bath!

 Bathroom Lighting

One very effective yet often underrated way of making a bathroom feel more luxurious is to alter the lighting within it. Lighting is of course essential for creating a stylish and relaxing environment, and there are many things residents can do to ensure their own lighting schemes provide a deliberate feeling of luxury and decadence. For instance, opting for a combination of candles (scented if preferred) and wall sconces instead of a luminous ceiling bulb will help to make any bath time feel infinitely more self-indulgent and relaxing.

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