The Key To Finding Rings Of High Value

Part of the thrill is in the chase. When it comes to identifying rings worth a lot of money, knowing how and where to look is half of the battle. It is also what makes this search exhilarating and worthwhile because once you find something, you’ll be glad you put in the effort.

When it comes to knowing where to look, there are some places such as Kalmar Antiques that have a large number of highly valuable rings. From antiques to modern, you will be surprised at the stunning vintage diamond engagement rings you can find at Kalmar Antiques.

If you are new to the game though then you might be wondering how you can start this search. This article will answer key questions such as what signs you should watch out for that indicate value and many more.

How To Spot Valuable Rings

Whether you’re at a garage sale or private auction, there are certain signs that you have stumbled across a valuable piece of jewellery. Discovering this hidden treasure can be verified by a professional appraiser but your job is only just beginning. Before you reach that stage, put in place the below tips to discover true value:

Scan For Hallmarks

If you can see any hallmarks then this is a great clue the ring has a good amount of worth. The hallmark is a small initial or piece of writing on the metal that indicates the designer or place it was manufactured. This vital key can give appraisers further background into the history of the jewellery which often determines its key worth. Even if the ring is in poor condition, if you see a sign it is probably worth investing.

Where to find hallmarks: you can normally see them on the inside of a ring and there should normally be some kind of hallmark even if it signifies the type of material it’s made from. Also, don’t count it out if it doesn’t have a hallmark if you think it looks antique then get it appraised.

See The Prongs Used

Valuable jewellery will have prongs to hold in precious stones whereas non-valuable items will rarely have them. It’s worth inspecting them as these settings can be very intricate and increase the value of the overall ring. Also keep an eye out for vintage costume rings as if they have precious stones with detailed prongs that could fetch a pretty penny.

Check The Weight

If you are wondering whether it’s real gold or silver, generally the weight should be heavier. This is a good sign and can be done without the help of a professional appraiser if you are starting solo.

If you follow these tips you can guarantee that it will lead to finding more valuable rings in the marketplace. Once you get used to knowing what to look for you will start gaining confidence and increase your chances of finding something amazing.

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