Top 10 Ways to spoil A Date

Dating is a perfect way to know each other better as you can spend considerable time with your partner and talk out your mind and heart. It helps you to share your thoughts, feelings and ideas with your partner. However sometimes we come across such a situation in our life when we wish to avoid the loved one and have to part with him/her. In such a case, you may wish to ruin your date so that your partner may get annoyed with you and ultimately leaves you. Although it is quite strange however here are some top tips to ruin a date.

  1. Rash driving– If you are going to a drive or even to some distant spot on a date with your partner then you can drive rashly. It will definitely make your partner annoyed and ruin your date automatically.
  2. Get engaged with phone- When you are on your date then you may get engaged with your phone so as to ignore your partner. Long talk over phone or constant text messaging may help you in this regard.
  3. Flirt with someone else- It is perhaps the best way to ruin your date. You may flirt with someone else such as a handsome gentleman or a beautiful lady to make your partner feel annoyed or jealous.
  4. Show bad manners– On your date, you may show bad manners so as to ruin the entire plan altogether. You may fight with the waiters or staff in the restaurant or with someone else for minor reasons.
  5. Drink heavily- Although it may not be applicable on all however you can still try it. You may drink heavily while on your date so as to lose control over yourself. Even you may start bad mouthing about your partner and make him/her feel bad. No doubt it will ruin your date.
  6. Act bored of your dating partner- Even if you are enjoying company of your partner you may act bored of him/her. You may make your partner realize from your talks or gestures that you are getting bored and not enjoying his/her company at all.
  7. Talk about useless things- While on your date you may talk about useless things instead of talking about yourself and your partner. As an instance, you may talk about your pet, vehicle or anything else and keep talking about it. It will definitely make your partner annoyed.
  8. Talk about your ex- Dating with your partner and talking about your ex is another good way to spoil your date. You may keep on talking about your ex during your date to make your partner feel jealous and walk out.
  9. Compare your partner with others- It is also a good way to make your date turn into a nightmare for your partner. You may start comparing your partner with other such as your friends, colleagues or someone else. Make him/her realize that he/she is not equal to them in any respect.
  10. Boast off your wealth- Keep boasting off about your money and wealth in front of your partner when you are dating with him/her. It will show your money-minded attitude and hence spoil your date.

All these ways will help you ruin your date and make your partner annoyed.

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