What a Good Watch Says About a Man

There are some who judge the caliber of a man by his shoes, others by the cut of his cloth, but above all, a man can be judged by what he chooses to wear on his wrist. The look, the character and the style of his watch speaks volumes for a man’s self-image, his priorities in life and his background. It is akin to a curriculum vitae worn on the arm. Nothing else is more personal and more telling, and not just for telling the time.

The Rolls-Royce of watches

Some watches are famous in their own rights and instantly spell class, and the most prestigious of them all has to be the Rolex. Those who wear them consider them to be investment pieces and they invariably wear them with pride. There are some though who deride the high price of a Rolex and insist that a cheaper watch is just as useful. So, is a Rolex worth the money?

Well, like all limited edition items, this is down to supply and demand. The Daytona Rolex is released in such small quantities each year it makes it extremely rare, hard to find, and therefore more valuable. Some say this is a ruse Rolex to keep prices inflated, and they’d be right. But it is a strategy that works. Rolex also insist that their watches are never discounted because of the high level of craftsmanship in every timepiece. This tends to mean they retain a high resale value as well. This all helps to keep the cachet of being a Rolex owner and wearer sky-high, which is just what Rolex, and Rolex wearers want.


Buying a used Rolex

If you are thinking of purchasing and looking at second hand Rolex watches, it is important to look for the serial number. All luxury watches have one. Any dealer who is authorised to sell you a Rolex should have access to the database against which you can check your watch’s individual serial number and ascertain its validity.

This is where it is crucial to be careful if buying on the internet as sometimes the serial number will have been polished off. This may make the watch hard to insure. Respected internet retailers won’t do this and they will also provide a warranty. However, these are rarely needed, as premium watches like Rolex are known for their superb precision and for lasting for many years without fault.

If you do invest in a lovely wrist watch like a Rolex, do take care of it. Remove when washing hands or doing manual tasks when it is liable to get dirty or damaged. A flying chip from a lawnmower or a scratch from a hand tool will cause great grief when all you had to do was slip it off first.

This watch is a major asset and will reflect how people weigh you up, so keep it sparkling and wear it with pride. A Rolex in particular is a passport to approval, and as it shyly peeks from beneath a suit cuff it speaks volumes about the man. It is also, needless to say, an exemplary time-keeper.

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