3 Reasons Your Skincare Regimen Needs A Facial

You may think that getting a facial is a bit too much or too feminine for you. The soothing music, fresh cucumber water and spa slippers might not really appeal to you. Skin damage from the sun or your shave routine can’t be corrected with soap and water.

Redness fades, but the underlying problems don’t. In fact, guys need facials maybe even more so than women, thanks to their larger pores, coarser skin and increased chance of damage from the sun.

Men Have Oilier Skin

Men have higher testosterone levels than most women, which explains why men produce much more oil than women. When not appropriately cleaned, oil will clog your pores and can lead to blackheads, which can lead to pimples.

Most aestheticians administer extractions during a facial, which is the exact removal of dirt and oil that clogs the pores. Don’t do this at home on your own because you risk seriously damaging your skin but if administered in the right hands, the result is clear, clean and beautiful skin.

Yes, men do produce more oil than women, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all men have oily skin. One of the reasons why facials are so effective is that aestheticians understand the needs and type of your skin. For example; men with dry skin, need facials that leave their skin moisturised and hydrated.

While many scrubs and facials may feel good, all too often they garner little results. That’s why you should visit the skincare experts at Man Cave, the first men grooming clinic Sydney for optimal results.

Get A Smoother Shave

Whether it’s once a day or every second week, the consistent dragging of a razor over sensitive skin irritates the skin. Irritation and razor burn caused from shaving over pimples are consequences of shaving. Facials soothe irritated skin and deep clean bumps.

The combination of essential oils, exfoliation moisturisers and masks that an aesthetician generally applies to the skin will address the side effects of shaving and make your skin smoother thanits ever been. The softer your skin is, the less painful your shave will be.

Even if wrinkles and fine lines aren’t your primary concern, this is one of the best reasons to apply some moisturiser at least once a day.

Learn From The Pros

Aestheticians use more efficient products that you can’t buy over the counter. Professional aestheticians will be able to show you brand new techniques on how to use certain products, explain why and what order to use them in. Aestheticians

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