Celebrities Who Have Undergone Nose Surgery

Our physical appearances are known to affect our moods with our self-confidence inherent linked to how we look. Our sharpness of ourselves is very important and this has resulted in cosmetic surgery becoming a popular option for those who are unhappy with parts of their development.

Celebrities are known for having their famous faces amend by cosmetic surgery. Here is a look at 10 celebrities who have had a nose job:

Keira Knightly

Winning over hearts in numerous film titles over the years, Keira Knightley is often considered to have a fairly natural appearance, epitomising the English rose. Yet, this doesn’t mean she hasn’t had a little help along the way and a nose job saw the star’s face benefit from a slightly more slender profile.

Kate Winslet

The Titanic star is known for her acting skills and sweet voice, but she has recently received attention over whether or not she has had a nose job. One Beverly Hills plastic surgeon suggests the star had a conservative Rhinoplasty, creating a longer and thinner profile to match her flawless and elongated face.

Jennifer Aniston

We might have spent the 90s asking for the ‘Rachel’ haircut but what about Jennifer Aniston’s nose? Undergoing rhinoplasty to give this facial feature a little more definition, Aniston’s nose job is certainly one of the more subtle to come out of celebrity land and highlights how plastic surgery procedures can make small changes to your appearance but have big impacts on your confidence.

Ashley Tisdale

A star from the modern generation, this High School Musical actress also underwent a fairly subtle nose job. You can see the change in before and after photos but Tisdale chose to keep things fairly naturally by opting for a procedure that wasn’t too different from her original nose.

Courtney Cox

Another member of the Friends cast who was unhappy with her nose. Cox received some bad feedback over her procedure. Despite this, she continues to be a leading name in Hollywood and certainly seems to exude confidence in any roles she undertakes as part of her on-screen career.

Cameron Diaz

Another Hollywood heartthrob, Cameron Diaz has been gracing our screens as a lovable blonde for a number of years but what makes her so popular? For those who are fans of her pretty face and delicate nose it may be interesting to note that she didn’t always have this appearance. A nose job to thin out the shape of her nose gave her the slender facial profile she’s known for.

Mickey Rourke

Proving that cosmetic surgery isn’t just for the ladies, Mickey Rourke has confessed to undergoing numerous rhinoplasty or nose job procedures during his career as a boxer and actor. Damage sustained during his boxing matches is partly behind the need for surgery with some of the cosmetic procedures forming reconstructive surgery.

Britney Spears

Britney has made plenty of headlines over the years but her nose job has rarely received bad press. Before and after photos show the starlet’s nose becoming a smaller version of the original form. It is said that two surgeries were required to achieve this look.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Another noticeable example of a nose job, Michelle Pfeiffer opted to have her nose transformed into a more slender facial feature with a distinctively pinched end. This gives her face a sharper appearance.

Jennifer Grey

Somewhat of a controversial nose job to finish our list, Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey opted for surgery on her nose despite the fact it was considered her most noticeable feature. This left some undecided over whether changing her most distinct was the right course of action.

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