How To Buy A Perfect Winter Jacket

Isn’t it kind of sad that we’ve still got pieces of our swimwear scattered around and yet – we already have to be thinking about winter outfits? Ah, it sure is – we feel like there aren’t enough sighs to express our lament over the summer passing by so quickly.

With the seasons changing faster than we can keep track, it’s becoming more obvious than ever that we simply just have to adjust and go along with Nature’s temper; whatever happened to nagging for fashion justice, right?

It is what it is, though; let’s use the climate circumstance and turn it into a fun experience of mastering the art of choosing the perfect winter jacket!

Here, we’re laying out what to look for when shopping for a cold-weather coat:



With so many options out there – synthetic or down, nylon or wool, duffel or anorak – finding the warmest, most stylish wrapper can be a scary task. Nonetheless, the answer (when you know it) is simple – wool, wool, wool! Wool is chic and warm, and there are some fantastic designs out there that you’ll love.

If you are, however, fighting snow storms and harsh winds, style plays no role here – go for those puffy Eskimo jackets as they are comfortable, light and fantastic insulators against the harsh winter days.


To avoid looking like a sack of potato, look for a jacket with a belt or a tie nip in your waist; no matter how thin or curvy you are, winter jackets tend to add pounds, and that’s not what we want! This is why choosing a jacket with a removable/adjustable belt is key.

Details and all

We’re past all those designs that make us yawn each time we put them on, right? Even though winter tends to be very depressing in both our moods and clothing, you can break the mold by wearing a jacket that makes you smile. These days, women’s fashion clothing has a phenomenal palette of choices which makes it way easier for ladies to find their perfect fit. Look for a detail on the pockets, the belt, the print, the collar, buttons… anything that takes the ‘boring’ out of it.


A hood

Hood is a completely personal choice; still, we love having a hood on a coat! The bigger, the better! A hood will give the coat that chic, Marilyn Monroe glamour we all need in the cold, winter days. Plus, it will protect you from the cold winds and keep the light snow from melting into your hair and dripping down your face. A removable hood (for a more classy vibe, try to find a button-off hood; simple jackets tolerate a fine zipper-hood) may be the best choice, that is – if you’re still unsure whether you want a hood or not.


Depending on what you are after, lengths of jackets and coats vary in three basic lengths – mini, knee and ankle length. Our personal choice always falls on the knee, mid-calf or ankle length, at least for winter. Early winter tolerates shorter variants of parka coats as it is not that cold.. Still, winter does require longer cuts (if you mind for your health, that is) that protect the ovarian section of the body and warm the bottom half, too. Plus, the longer the coat, the more stylish you’ll look!


Whatever makes you smile – seriously. Black is an all-time-favorite but your tastes in color are your business. Just go for it!

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