Consumers May Be Heading To The Web To Source Lingerie

There is certainly no shortage of lingerie for consumers to choose these days. Whether they are after Freya bras or any other items of Freya underwear, they can find them quickly and easily over the web.Indeed, it seems as though more and more people may be turning to cyberspace to get their hands on products like this.Research conducted by MyHigh.St found that six in ten shoppers no longer consider the high street to be their first port of call when they are on the lookout for everyday household items, while four in ten believed they could find better deals over the web.

Meanwhile, of the 2,000 adults it polled, the organisation found that 40 per cent bought all their clothes on the internet, possibly including their Freya bras and other items of Freya underwear.The survey also revealed that 70 per cent of Britons claimed they are able to conduct most of their shopping online or at large malls, while one in six stated that they do not have time to browse the shops. Expensive or difficult parking, a lack of choice and limited opening hours were all issues that served to deter shoppers from the high street.

Commenting on the statistics, a spokesman for MyHigh.St said: “Long working hours and hectic schedules mean that British adults have very little time to conduct their shopping and so want convenience when they do get around to doing it.“These days, most people turn to the internet to order everything from food, drinks, clothing and household essentials, rather than nipping down to their local high street or store to stock up.”

Given the convenience associated with online shopping, as well as the choice it offers consumers, it seems likely that this phenomenon will remain popular for some time to come.

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