Making The Most of A Window From A Design Perspective

We have a tendency to view windows simply as eyes onto the world. However, just as a person’s eyes can reflect their personality, so too can your windows say a lot about your home. From a design perspective there’s a lot to be said for focusing on window spaces.

If you really want to draw attention to a window then you can use lights to create a focal point. You might think there’s something distinctly “seasonal” about this approach, however elegant yellow lighting can look great all through the year, provided that the window itself deserves the attention.

One way to ensure that your window is deserving of attention is to install curtains or made to measure blinds. Curtains work from a design perspective for two main reasons: because they add color and texture to a room. Texture specifically is a key part of way curtain decor works: whether it’s silk, cotton, damask or brocade.

Decorating windows can be a challenge, and all interior design challenges are simplified with the introduction of theme. Your theme doesn’t need to be overpowering, but could be something general like a rustic or country theme.

Especially if you have beautiful windows, such as bay windows, it’s definitely a good idea to make your window a center piece. Then, instead of merely looking through the windows, visitors to your home might look at the windows too.

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