Declutter Your Life – How To make Money From It

Everybody likes their home to be filled with all their favourite things and this includes their computers and phones. Familiar knick-knacks, photographs and gadgets can make a house feel truly like home but there are instances when it goes too far. With shelves packed with things you probably haven’t seen for years and therefore of no use, you should think about decluttering for good and sorting through what you want and what you don’t. You’ll soon see you’ve got plenty of things that you don’t use but could be of use to someone else.

Out with the Old

Very few people in this day and age in the Western world can claim to have too little. Everybody has more than they need and so many things that could be beneficial for somebody else. The consumer society has made us this way but there’s no reason we can’t turn it on its head and use it ourselves.

There are plenty of resources for selling your old things which have no use to you anymore. It could be you want to sell iPod touch devices and other gadgets which you’ve upgraded from or you could have hundreds of toys but your children are grown up. There are avenues online for selling these products on and they can find new homes where they’ll be appreciated.

Selling items online means you can also build up some cash for a special project or perhaps even a holiday you’ve planned and it means you’re actually achieving something rather than simply adding more stuff to the piles and shelves in your home.

Minimalism will make your life more manageable and you can enjoy a more relaxed household.

Declutter your Computer

Your home being more minimalist and clutter-free is great and the same can be said if you declutter your PC. A cleaner computer desktop results in the same relaxed experience as a clearer, decluttered home. It’s a more enjoyable place to work and play and you could start by organising your files or even just having a simpler, minimalist-style wallpaper. Simply take each step as it comes and label folders so your items are all in the right places. Your desktop should be both functional and aesthetically enjoyable so you can use your computer freely.

Another area of your computer that you can spend some time organising is your home page and bookmarks. Putting them into specialised folders will help you locate what you want, when you want and not spend hours poring through the hundreds of favourites you’ve accumulated.

The Power of Minimalism

The principles of minimalism apply to more than your home and your computer. It’s also about how you think and act. Acting in a minimalist way can mean anything from giving up your car to storing and utilising less data and it all makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable life.

Decluttering your life is one way of refreshing it completely and giving yourself a chance to start anew and enjoy a more minimal lifestyle.

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