Some Frugal Living Top Tips

With the high rate of inflation, the rise in petrol and transport costs and the halt in pay rises, everyone is looking for tips on saving and making money. Living frugally is one of the best ways to save money; make sure money is spent in the right places and things are kept with your set budget.

There are plenty of tips and steps you should follow to live frugally and some of these are so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t done them already!

Turning if off

How many times do you leave the TV on thinking “well I won’t be long” and end up distracted in another room so it is playing away to itself? Electricity and water bills are some of the most expensive outgoings for the average house so make sure you are turn electrical items off and keep an eye on how long things are on for. There is no need to run the tap constantly when brushing your teeth and there is no reason to leave the light on when you pop out for half an hour.

Take a packed lunch

If you usually pick up lunch on the way to work, don’t. Instead pick up the ingredients for your lunch in the supermarket as part of your weekly shop, you are likely to spend far less on lunches and what you make could possibly be better for your health.

Cut down on eating out

Making your own food will be cheaper in the long run and will sometimes result in leftovers which can be used for lunch the next day or frozen for next week’s tea. There is no need to eat out every night and if you use it as an excuse to spend more quality time with your loved ones, then create a similar atmosphere in your home; turn the TV off, set the table and make sure every distraction is tidied away.


If you can sew why not turn that top or skirt into something new? You get a new top or scarf design and you haven’t spent a penny! If you have items lying around that aren’t used so much then get rid of them, you can sell your iPad, consoles, clothes, DVDs and other items very easily and you will make money whilst cleaning things up.

Have patience

If you are really desperate to see that latest Brad Pitt movie then feel free to go to the cinema, but remember the tickets are likely to cost over £15 for a couple and you could save money by waiting. Many local cinemas do deals on weekdays which involve reduced price tickets; alternatively you could wait for the film to come out on DVD or for digital rent. The same can be said for CDs, video games and more.

Make money through a hobby

Do you enjoy making jewellery? Walking your dog? Creating crafts? Then set up a store online or at local car boot sales to sell your items, or advertise your expertise in your local shop if you can do things for others. You can make money by doing things you love, which is always a bonus.

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