Fun And Fabulous Candy Party Ideas

From kids to teens and adults, candies are everyone’s favourite. Colourful and sweet candies are a must at every celebration, especially at kid’s parties. If you are planning a birthday party for your little one or a family gathering is coming up, then candies can serve as a great inspiration to make the event more enjoyable and fun.

If you are looking for interesting candy party ideas, then the options are plenty. Decor is an integral part of every party and what could be better than using candy party decorations. The easiest option is to take a few bowls and fill them with candies. These bowls can be then placed on the tables and counters. It will be a sumptuous visual treat, not only for the eyes but for the mouth as well. Similarly, over sized lollipops can be placed in vases for the kids to enjoy. Besides this you can also put up a candy buffet by placing colourful candies in different shaped bowls and glasses. Mixing and matching candy in various colours is sure to make an amazing impact on your guests. Thanks to its versatility, candy can be used to decorate your cake and cupcakes as well; thus giving you an array of options to host an unforgettable candy themed party.

You can easily create a fun atmosphere using the above mentioned tips. Once the decoration part has been tackled, the next step is to plan something for keeping the kids entertained and you can make great use of candies here as well. Whatever the occasion, you can never go wrong with a piñata filled with delicious sweet candy. By dividing kids in teams, you can ask them to bust the piñata and whoever does it first gets all the candy. Add a twist to your usual treasure hunt game by hiding packets of candies in different parts of the house. Give them clues to make it easier to find this sweet treasure. The kids will surely love the surprises they will get at the end of the quest.

For the more creative ones, you can go for a candy themed game which requires them to create something. For example, place a lot of candies and peanut butter on the table and ask kids to build a mountain or tower using these. If the party is dominated by girls, then having a jewellery making competition, with liquorice strings, cereal and candies, is ideal.

Candies come in different shapes, sizes and flavours and how you use them for a party depends on your imagination, as when it comes to incorporating these sweet treats into a celebration then sky is the limit. You can discuss with your family and friends and gather some interesting ideas. In case you are feeling short of ideas then internet can be your ideal friend. You can find plenty of amazing fun candy ideas online shared by people from all over the world. Using a few of these in your party is sure to make it more memorable.