The Many Different Ways To Wear Fur

A fur coat is a necessity for just about anyone’s closet, especially if you are fond of wearing stylish clothes. A fur coat can make you feel glamorous and probably like a film star stepping out into the glamorous night.

But wait, are you going shopping for a fur coat or fur accessories to add to your wardrobe? Before you embark on that particular journey, let’s explore the different ways you can wear fur.

Full Coat

The full fur coat is expensive and probably a stunning item to own. It covers you up until the ankles and is the warmest option for a night out in town during the colder months. The full fur coat requires a lot of maintenance, especially because of its length. But, you must check out the amazing styles at because you won’t be able to help but fall in love with the full fur coat.


A fur cape can be a stylish alternative to a full-length coat. If you would rather invest a little less, but want the style and elegance of fur, a fur cape is a fantastic choice. This garment falls over your shoulders and covers the upper half of your body. The cape has a loose silhouette, and it is important to check out the type of fur in your cape before you make the purchase.


A fur stole or scarf can look incredible with any ensemble. It adds just the right amount of oomph to whatever you are wearing. The fur stole or shawl is long and ideal to wrap around your shoulders or just drape around your neck. You can pair it with a dress and stockings, or even jeans, a simple top, and stylish shoes.


You might have never thought of getting a fur headband, but when you take a look at the styles available in stores, you will be blown away. This small accessory is perfect for cold winter months when you are strolling on the streets. It looks stylish, keeps your head warm, and it is fur, so it is always a good investment.


Another unusual way to wear fur is to invest a fur handbag. Although, this will require utmost care. You can choose from a ton of different styles, including large bags, sling bags, and even small purses. Each accessory can be styled differently. And this is an accessory that will probably last for a lifetime if you choose the right kind of real fur and keep the fur protected when not using your bag.

Remember, there is no wrong way to wear fur because it is just so versatile. However, there is a right way to maintain and store your fur, so don’t forget about that during the summer and monsoon seasons.

Now that you know the style you want, make sure to research about the types of real fur available in the market. Each fur type has unique features and costs different. Remember, with fur, you are making a lifelong investment, so buy wisely.

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