How To Choose Chemotherapy Skincare Products For A Loved One

Chemotherapy is a treatment that directly damages cancer cells but this treatment has huge side effects. Patients who went through such treatment have reported experiencing noticeable changes in their skin and hair. According to the dermatologists, chemotherapy affects the health system of our body and that effects get reflected through one’s skin and hair. After receiving two or more sessions of chemotherapy a person’s skin can become dry. But don’t let this little damage break the self-esteem of your loved ones. There are some amazing Chemotherapy skincare products especially designed for patients who have received chemotherapy. Just be a little conscious while choosing such skin products for your loved one. Here are some tips that you could follow

Moisturisers that are light in texture

The most common side effect of chemotherapy is dryness of skin and to fight with such side effects a light-weight moisturiser is required. Don’t buy a lotion or moisturiser that feels heavy on the skin. After chemotherapy a person’s skin should be treated gently. Choose a moisturiser that can be removed easily from the skin by just one wash.

Pick a sunscreen that has minimum 30 SPF

Sunscreen becomes a necessity after chemotherapy. After chemotherapy, direct sun exposure can cause more harm to the skin. This is why using Sunscreen with a minimum 30 SPF is essential to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. So while choosing a skin product like sunscreen for your loved ones do not forget to check the SPF level.

Read the properties used

The label of a skin product mentions all the properties and key ingredients of the product that you should read carefully. Do not pick a product that has harmful chemicals like Paraben. As after chemotherapy a person’s skin becomes more sensitive so it could cause rashes or skin irritation.

Do not pick products with strong fragrance

It’s highly advised that you should avoid buying products with strong fragrance for your loved ones who went through such treatment. Rather choose products that have no or light fragrance. Strong fragrance of skin products can cause trouble while breathing or sometimes can even lead to allergy.

Buy mild soaps

A soap makes the skin more dry but a person can’t live without using soap. There are mild soaps available that keep the PH balance of skin accurate and provide a smooth texture to the skin.

You could really help your loved ones to be healed by not letting their self-esteem be low. Pick skin products by following the above tips and see how it works in the process of healing.

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