An Insight To International Convention Of The Wedding Fraternity (ICWF)

The International Convention of the Wedding Fraternity (ICWF), is by a wide margin the most exhaustive stage for the wedding business experts, where they get the chance to trade thoughts, spread out vision plans, share information, celebrate accomplishments and make new buddies. Wedding designers and wedding organizers florists, managers, culinary craftsmen and chefs, hoteliers, wedding vehicle providers, wedding dress designers, wedding jewelers, and obviously the wedding venues owners who like to elevate themselves to the business consider ICWF as a perfect place to create contacts. It is in fact, no wrong to acknowledge ICWF as the lavish platform for wedding discussion and B2B get-togethers.

The experts of the wedding industry amass in different places around the world to relish their success and discuss the trending patterns of the industry. ICWF not just provide a platform for industry experts to meet and greet: but, as being organized at different destinations each tie, it gives a chance to investigate the spot as a focal point of the focal point of destination weddings. Simple availability of the space itself makes it increasingly appealing to join in, where the conferences and the speaker’s discussions give the audience a richer viewpoint of the new patterns in the wedding business.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding & ICWF

ICWF has been happening in India since the most recent 5 years due to the Big Fat Indian Wedding, being applauded all across the globe.

After its two past releases in Jaipur and Goa being very effective regarding making educative, educational and vital encounters for its delegates, the third version of the International Convention of the Wedding Fraternity (ICWF) is back with a blast and vows to be increasingly instructive and up a score as far as its contributions.

ICWF is the discovery of 5 Guys Project, collusion between the top five event organizations that set out to homogenize the divided wedding industry in India through a stage that interfaces its different partners including wedding organizers, innovative accomplices, service providers, venues and performers.

Indian wedding organizers and prime convener of ICWF Samit Garg of E Factor Entertainment, has been serving relentlessly to strengthen this tremendous platform. Additionally, Samit Garg has been the major speaker igniting the audience about weddings and helping the audience comprehend the current industry scene by deciphering the big fat Indian wedding, its patterns, and the future.

With over 25 years of experience, Samit Garg through his E-Factor entertainment has helped numerous esteemed clients live their dream wedding. E-Factor is the name of trust among famous celebs & personalities including The Mittals, The Goenkas, The Modis, The Jindals, Shilpa Shetty & Raj Kundra, Aishwariya and Abhishek Bachan, etc whose weddings became stellar events due to the diligent professionalism at E-Factor, making Samit Garg an incredible person to run, lead and manage such an amazing platform of ICWF utilizing his tremendous skills and experience of arranging the real ‘big fat Indian wedding’.

The Aim of ICWF

“With ICWF, we vision to strengthen the wedding industry in India, making business possibilities for all the people involved, to collaborate with a single vision of facilitating the clients, while keeping up with the latest trends and patterns,” highlights Samit Garg.

The display exhibited inclines in wedding stylistic layout, administrations, chic accents, and other extravagance arrangements relating to private get-togethers.

These two days’ event of thorough knowledge summits sprinkled with malt tasting break and amusement, also incorporates the Global Indian Wedding Awards to serve as a motivation to the incredible people making the wedding industry of India wholesome. The awards are given to the nominees in different classes including Best Destination Wedding, Best Venue for a Wedding; Best Wedding Photographer; Best Wedding Invitation, and much more.

“The award ceremony is the way of inspiring the wedding companies and service providers to strive for excellence. Our aim is to establish a community with this reputed platform of ICWF, a community where people work diligently and are inspired to do their best,” says Samit Garg.

Without any doubt, ICWF is one marvelous platform to not just strengthen the business communities in the wedding industry, but it serves as an international representation of the ‘Indian Wedding’, indicating the richness of culture matched with each distinct tradition in each region of the country.

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