How To Choose From The Different Types Of Hair Extensions

These days there are many different types of hair extensions to choose from. Know the different types will help you choose what’s best for you.

If you are looking to buy some hair extensions especially for the first time it is easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of extensions that are out in the market. There are also very many brands to choose from let alone products of different qualities. Furthermore, hair extensions can be categorised in different ways which can further add to the confusion. However, below you shall find a breakdown of some of the most important elements of extensions that you should make note of when buying extensions. Knowing the main different types of extensions in the market will help you better understand what you are buying before you buy it.

One type of hair extensions you should definitely know about are the micro-looped hair extensions. Everybody has their preference for hair extensions based on their experience, preference and tastes but more often than not, micro-looped extensions have been a favourite for a lot of women for quite some time now. This is because they are quite easy to put in, even if it is your first time doing the extensions by yourself. These extensions come packaged with the micro bead and the loop already connected and all you have to do is to string your hair through the loop and clamp the two with a set of hair pliers. Once you have them applied, they are quite easy to maintain needing washing about twice a week after the first week and if taken care of properly can last for months. U-tip Micro extensions are much like micro-loop extensions but need more work to apply. For these, you will need a threader and a micro bead to apply them.

Another type of hair extensions that you should know about and have probably heard about are clip in hair extensions. These hair extensions you can find from many shops that sell extensions including mobile hair extensions Perth. Clip in extensions have the distinct advantage of being the easiest type of hair extensions to maintain. They don’t need to be washed quite as often unless you use hair products on them. Clip-ins are very effective if you need just a splash of colour in your hair and you don’t need to be very astute to know the differences because one type of clip in is often as good as the next. They are usually quite heavy, can be found in different colours, the lengths ranging from about 40 cm to about 70 cm, and they can often be found in the straightened or curled form. Another type of hair extension that you have also probably heard of or will hear about as soon as you start shopping are tape-in hair extensions. These need heat to be attached to your hair and therefore need some skill to apply so as not to cause damage to hair. Once you have them installed, maintainenece is often quite easy.