How To Make A Fancy Cocktail Hat

Cocktail hats are a great way to make a statement at different events. You could always purchase your cocktail hat, or you could make your own.

For all the DIY lovers out there, making your fancy cocktail hat is not as difficult as it seems. With a few simple steps, you can create your unique cocktail hat to put a fancy twist on a classic look.

The Basics

You should start your hat with a basic button block. You can find these are different places that sell craft supplies. To keep your hat block from warping in the moisture, you should cover it with some sort of protectant, like plastic wrap.

If you want your hat to be solid, you can use two different squares of buckram big enough to wrap around the entire hat block.

Soak and Fold

The first square of buckram should be soaked thoroughly in warm water. Once you have soaked the sheet, you can stretch it a little to check and see if it’s ready to block.

If the buckram is ready to block, you can begin by pinning it at the corners to keep it in place and provide a smoother finish to your hat.

While the first layer is still damp, you can add the second layer, so everything dries all at the same time. One good tip about using buckram paper is keeping a water bottle handy to moisten the paper should it start to dry too fast.

Next, you should pin everything nicely and let everything dry completely before moving to the next step.

Remove and Trim

After the buckram paper has dried, you can begin removing the paper from the block. Work gently because it can be difficult to remove.

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If you happen to get a few small dents in the buckram, you can remove them with a typical steam iron after covering your hat with a thin cloth. Now you can trim up the excess fabric from the edges, making sure to leave a small seam big enough to fold over your wire.

Insert your wire, fold down the edges, and stitch them to create a nice finish to your hat. If you want, you can iron the edges for a smoother finish.

Fabric and Finish

Choosing the right fabric can be quite the chore. By ensuring that you are using a slightly heavier type of fabric, you will have a nicer drape and therefore a cleaner hat. You should take the time to play around with the fabric to decide which way you like the best.

This part of the hat is up to your discretion, which adds a unique flare to your hair. Once you like the way the hat looks, you can stitch the fabric to the hat, decorate it with brocade fabric, or add decorative pins to create drama on the hat.


You see, you could always buy your cocktail hat from a store, but why not spend a little time to make your own.

By DIYing your fancy cocktail, you can create your unique style to showcase at different events. When someone asks you about your hat, you can proudly say that you made it yourself.

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