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How To Turn An Average bathroom Into A Luxury Bathroom

 There was a time not overly long ago when domestic UK bathrooms were seen as being nothing more than utilitarian spaces. Indeed, the role of the bathroom in the not too distant past was very simple – to provide residents with a place to take care of their personal hygiene.  Whilst this all-important function is […]

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Loius XV and The Golden Age of French Furniture Making

Regarded by many as the Golden Age of French furniture making, Louis XV’s reign as the King of France during the mid-eighteenth century was a time of unbridled peace and prosperity. Moreover, this period saw the emergence of the Siecle des Lumieres (Age of Enlightenment), which encouraged citizens in all walks of life to indulge […]

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How Beautiful Lights Bring Life to Your Living Space

We all wish our living space to be uniquely beautiful. The interiors are of course an important part of any attractive house, but what makes the difference between attractive and outstanding interior decor is the lighting. Illumination if done properly can make your interiors look stylish and aesthetic as well. Carefully chosen light fittings can […]

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