Taking Care at Festivals This Summer

As a nation we love attending summer music festivals as they are a great place to relax, socialise and listen to brilliant bands – both old and new. On the whole, our festival experiences go without a hitch and we come home with a list of acts to check out on Spotify and YouTube, and we certainly come home needing a shower; however it is always a good idea to be well prepared for a festival so you can have the best possible time. I’ve got a few tips on how you can take care at festivals this summer, so feel free to share them with your mates so you’re all on the same page…

Watch out for the mud

In the UK we can’t seem to avoid mud at festivals, after all we get a lot of rain, and festivals tend to be held on farms and fields. As such, it can make the festival campsite and arena area quite slippery, so take care that you don’t lose your footing and slip over. Hard wearing footwear such as wellington boots or hiking boots might be a good idea to give you a bit more grip when you’re moving about.

Stay hydrated

Even despite the mud, the sun may well make an appearance if you’re lucky. If you’re out for a number of hours in the sun, don’t forget about protection through sun cream and sunglasses, but also consider staying hydrated. You should be able to find water at various food stalls throughout the festival site.

Be cautious in crowds

Another place to take care is when you are in the crowd itself when you are watching a band. In the past, there have been injury claims for unsafe platforms, steps and barriers – despite being rare occurrences, it is worth finding what you believe is to be a safe place to stand. If you don’t like getting pushed forward in crowd surges, perhaps stand closer to the back of the crowd. Also be aware of people crowd surfing and taking part in mosh pits nearby.

Keep an eye on your drink

There are plenty of places to find a drink at a festival, including at beer tents. If you are in a dance tent and are having a bit of a boogie, don’t leave your drink unattended. It’s not nice to think about, but there are some people who may spike your drink with something that you may not be able to smell or taste. Therefore make sure to hold on to your drink, or replace one with a new one if you do end up putting one down.

Don’t bring valuables

Finally, if you are staying in a tent during the festival weekend, I would advise not bringing valuables along with you. If the tent is left unattended during the day, anyone could go inside and take something which doesn’t belong to them. It’s sometimes hard to get your belongings back due to the sheer number of people on the festival site. However, if you plan ahead and keep your wits about you, the festival experience may well be one of the best events of your life.

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