Use Pink Diamonds To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Diamonds are loved by almost every woman. From anniversary to the proposal, diamonds are the best way to express your love to your partner. These gemstones are not a token of a gift but are something dearly to ladies. There are many varieties of diamonds available in the market- shape, colour, clarity, carat- you name it! But, what grabs attention is the rare pink diamond!

These precious stones are not worldwide extracted because these can be found in only some mines. Argyle mine in Western Australia produces 80% of these stones globally. It is also found in India, Brazil, Canada, Siberia, Tanzania, South Africa and Russia. Lab-grown pink jewels have lesser value in the market than the ones which are mined. Due to the exceeding pressure in the market amongst the buyers and investors, nowadays, these stones are prepared in laboratories.

The intensity level of the shades

The hues of these fancy stones differ as per the strength and intensity. Many do not know that these diamonds come with an overtone like, orange, purple or brown, which gives a brilliant shine to it. The combination of the main and secondary tone creates something magical that can be only understood by the wearer. No wonder, gifting one can make any woman fall in love with you! The shades of pink which you can buy for your lady love are fancy deep, faint, light, fancy light, fancy intense, very light and more.

The price of these gems

According to the market’s statistics, these gems hold the highest value and are sold with some whopping tag. The price varies and it can go from 10,000 USD to 700,000 USD per carat depending on the shade you choose. The rule is simple- the more intense tone you choose, the more you need to pay. A fancy light pink stone costs relatively less than a fancy vivid stone. The price multiples dramatically when you go one intensity higher.

The engagement ring styles to order

Due to their striking appearance, pink diamond make the best engagement rings. Here are the styles of ring settings which you can consider.

  • Three-stones– If you want something creative, using side stones is a brilliant way to make the engagement ring look bigger and brighter. You can use the center stone as fancy vivid with an orangish second tone and embellish the side stones with pure diamond and white gold.
  • Halo– By creating halo, you can increase the size and the intensity of the shade of these jewels. The halo setting is done by small gems surrounding the main stone, giving it a unique appearance.
  • Double halo– You can create double halo by adding two layers of white stones surrounding the pink gems to highlight it.

Other popular jewellery you can order

Besides engagement rings, you can find excellent pieces of impressive bracelets, fancy necklaces, striking pendants and elegantly-styled earrings for your beloved. If you are looking for any assistance regarding choosing a pink jewel, get in touch with a diamond expert.

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