How Can You Choose Special Wedding Car Birmingham

Hiring a special car to take the bride and her bridesmaids to the wedding is a very popular choice for many brides. Hiring special wedding cars Birmingham can make the bride’s arrival even more spectacular. Wedding cars for nuptials in Birmingham are also great for the official photographs, offering a glamorous backdrop. Wedding cars Birmingham can be used to transport the newly married couple from the church to their wedding reception.

Wedding cars are traditionally large and luxurious. One of the most popular wedding cars to hire in Birmingham is the Rolls Royce. Vintage Austins, Bentley’s and Mercedes are also popular wedding car choices. When hiring wedding cars Birmingham consider viewing the car in person rather than just in photographs. Check the availability and also talk to the company about their provisions for breakdowns before booking. Price is also a major factor for looking at wedding cars Birmingham.


Prices will vary from car to car, the distance to be traveled and what day of the week your wedding is being held on. Prices for wedding cars Birmingham can range from around £195 – 380.

It is usual for wedding cars Birmingham to be decorated with a ribbon tied at the front. The interior, and sometimes even the exterior, may also be decorated with flowers. Brides may also want wedding cars Birmingham to include balloons, streamers and champagne. “ Just married” signs may be used on wedding cars Birmingham after the ceremony.

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