Make Your Wedding More Memorable By Following These Tips

Exchanging vows and cementing a lifelong commitment to be as one—these are just some of the things that are to be expected during the day of the wedding. The event could be simple or extravagant ceremony either inside the church or in a vacation-like setting like at a tropical country or a majestically historic home. However, if you want to make that special day extra special, you may want to consider holding it at a special venue.

Preparations for a wedding do not only include choosing the right theme or putting strong emphasis on the colors that would fill the ceremony or hiring the best wedding photography professionals. Also, it is not only about details, like checking the best wedding magazines for the best trends in hairstyle, wardrobe, cakes for the event, yes, even invisalign for your teeth. Of course, it is equally important for engaged couples to concentrate on the essentials of wedding preparation. That way, the wedding day won’t only be successful; engaged couples won’t regret missing out on something once their wedding day is just days away.

To further understand what needs to be done months before the big day of every engaged couple’s lives, here are some of the essential wedding preparation tips they should know about:

  • It would be best to first focus on how many guests to invite. Once determined, that’s the time the couple would look for the venue. The number of guests with respect to the venue area should not only be considered. There should also be enough space to accommodate for those who serve food, wait tables, and other important members of the crew in-charge of the wedding reception.
  • Make sure that the wedding date would not interfere with a local event. Do this beforehand to avoid any hassles come wedding day, such as traffic congestion and unavailability of hotel accommodations.
  • Because wedding preparations usually entail high costs, it is best to obtain a credit card that allows the couple to make purchases for their wardrobe, the gifts they’d be handing out for their guests, and other essentials. The couple, however, must always ensure that they have a healthy credit before signing up for one. Also, it is good to go for a credit card that offers rewards points in every purchase.
  • Keeping an extra amount of cash would be imperative especially when the couple encounters unexpected expenses during the last minute. About 5 to 10 percent of the whole wedding budget is enough for such unforeseen situations.
  • Be aware that about half of the wedding budget goes to feeding the guests. If the overall budget won’t fit with the number of guests, it is totally fine to remove some of them from the list.
  • The couple must keep the contact details of the organizers, wedding photography agents and photographers, and other important connections that would help make their wedding event successful. You would also want to visit your dentist weeks before the day, especially if you’ve got invisalign. Also, it is important to be organized; keeping a notebook that must be filled with notes and correspondences whenever they meet with their planners.

These are just some of the essential tips when it comes to wedding preparations that engaged couples should put into mind. There are other tips out there that were not mentioned in the list, such as closing agreements with wedding connections or vendors, securing marriage licenses, and seeking help from friends for the best wardrobe.

While they are equally important as well, soon-to-be-married couples should have fun and at the same time be focused enough in dealing with their pre-wedding preparations. The key to a successful wedding is to not rush on things; everything should be done one step at a time. All things considered, couples would be exchanging their vows and cementing a lifelong commitment as one in marriage.

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