Some Tips To Put The Passion Back Into Your Relationship

When you first meet someone new and hook up together your pulses race, your hearts beat faster at the thought of each other and when you’re together the sexual sparks fly. Sadly, over time these feelings can start to fade and sometimes all but disappear completely. If you and your partner are feeling less than loved-up, then it’s time to take stock and revive your former passions. Think it can’t be done? Then try these simple tips and wait for the sizzling to start!

Share your fantasies

Women in particular tend to struggle with this, but it’s well worth doing so persevere. Find a suitable time when you won’t be interrupted and talk through a favourite fantasy. Maybe you dream of having sex outdoors, or dressing up for a little role play. Men usually have trouble committing to a single fantasy, but try to choose one which won’t have your wife or girlfriend running for the hills! Make it something that the pair of you can adapt into a workable situation.

Quite often just talking dirty for a little while can turn the heat up to almost unbearable levels and many couples find that they don’t have to do much more than discuss their fantasies to get the old magic back. Others prefer to implement some of the ideas they have talked about and for each couple this is a personal decision. The only rule is that both parties should agree willingly and nobody should be coerced into doing anything that they are not comfortable with.

Add some props

For some couples a little dressing up or ‘let’s pretend’ really hits the spot. For others the introduction of a few sex toys helps to reinvigorate and reignite former passions. Think about whether the purchase of some racy board games or fluffy handcuffs might work for the pair of you. Many couples nowadays are more broad-minded than previous generations and happy to introduce vibrators and other couple-friendly toys into their love-making repertoire.

All tied up

The incredibly popular Fifty Shades trilogy has brought bondage and sado-masochism out of the closet and firmly into the mainstream. Huge numbers of women are expressing a curiosity about this aspect of lovemaking and sales of bondage-related products are going off the scale.

If you haven’t dipped your toe into the waters as yet, now is the perfect time to give it a try with a huge raft of merchandise available thanks to the books’ success. There’s no need to panic, as despite the terminology the practise of S & M is intended to be fun, not some sort of physical torture. Done with care a little spanking or gentle bondage can be extremely invigorating and many couples credit it with restoring satisfaction to the bedroom.

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