Assuming that you are set to-be spouse and have begun shopping recently for your wedding dress, you should contemplate your plan first.The majority of spouses believe that in the event that they might want to wear a flat quality, flat costs and non-marked bit of dress on the most essential day in their lives, it […]

How to identify rising damp in your home

What do you do if you discover that your home is affected by damp? The very first thing to do is to identify what type of damp is causing the problem. There are three specific types: rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation and all three require different types of treatment. It makes sense to ascertain […]

Top Tips for Buying a Kitchen Drainer

As a busy Dad of two under-fives and a full time worker, meal times in our house are often a little chaotic. The washing up is usually left until after I have managed to get the children to bed, and it feels like the last thing in the world that I want to do.

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